The Ultimate Guide for Community Building in Coworking Spaces

  • Attracting Memberships
  • Retaining Memberships
  • Growing Memberships
  • Benefits Of This Model
  • Curating Your Community- Online And Offline
  • Building A Quality Community
  • Benefits Of This Model

What Is Community and Why is It Important

Identifying Your Target Community

  1. Digital Nomads and Freelancers
  2. Work From Home Professionals
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Office Teams and Groups

The Two Strategies For Building Community

  • Curate and attract your community
  • Retain your community
  • Grow your community
  • Space First, Community Next.

2. Community first, Space next.

The “Space First, Community Next” Model

  • Attracting Community


  1. Create Your Website– A well-designed and accessible website go a long way in your marketing plan. You may use popular service providers such as Wix and WordPress to do the same. Make your website as user friendly as possible. A website that is aesthetically pleasing creates a positive impact on potential clients. Make sure to specify your vision and mission on the website so the viewers understand your brand to its very depth.
  1. Social Media Marketing– You can either hire an intern to market your company on various social media platforms or do it yourself extensively.
  • Maintain the same theme through all platforms. This might be one solid color or a specific aesthetic.
  • Decide the look of your pages– do you want it to be minimalist or over the top?
  • Respond to comments and queries on a regular basis
  • Keep updating offers and discounts in your social media pages to attract more customers.
  1. Content Marketing- Hire content writing interns, or generate blogs yourself in your website related to coworking. Provide well-detailed resources to various aspects of coworking so as to attract more viewers to your page. Make sure to be well versed in SEO optimization while doing the same.
  2. Planning Social Events– Hosting well-organized social events is not only crucial to keeping the culture of coworking alive but can also be a great marketing strategy. If your business is set in a very socially-active locality, then hosting frequent events can attract a lot of new members.
  3. Create Membership Plans Wisely– Attractive discounts and coupons can pave the way to new customers. Plans curated specifically for freelancers, etc- can reach out to set target audiences and prove to be profitable in the long run.
  4. Advertise in Common Places– Based on your budget, advertise in public places like transportation hubs or popular hotels. Choose to invest in posters, etc if you are looking to advertise in frequently visited public places.
  • Retaining Community


  • Grouped Amenities- You may want to group the amenities you have into separate membership packages and price them cheaper than they’d cost when purchased separately. A light membership package may have access to coffee and snacks along with passes for events, whereas a premium membership may include amenities such as gym, a small theatre in your space perhaps, passes to events, beverages, and snacks, conference room privileges, etc.
  • Payment schedule– The membership may be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, each having different amenities and price ranges of course
  • The magnitude of benefits– This goes hand-in-hand with grouped amenities, you may classify your membership packages as “basic”, flexible” and “premium”, with amenities and prices increasing respectively.
  • Growing Community


  1. Local cafes and coffee shops
  2. Fast food joints and restaurants
  3. Local breweries (All of these promote your members to further socialize which strengthens the coworking business model)
  4. Gyms and yoga studios (perhaps for a select few membership packages so they can benefit from physical exercise after long hours)
  5. Spas & Massage centers for your members to relax after a long day of work.

Add New Amenities

  • Benefits Of This Model:

The “Community First, Space Next” Model

  • Curating Your Community- Online And Offline

Online Community

Offline Community- Workshops and Events

  1. Opening Event– what you’d host when you first launch your space.
  2. Skill- Development And Training Workshops– upon asking existing customers the skills they expect to develop.
  3. Group-focused Workshops– this might be specifically curated to certain individuals/enterprises, providing resources on how to grow their business, such as workshops specifically meant for freelancers, digital nomads, etc.
  4. Team-building Workshops– The essence of coworking is integrating ideas and experiences. Team building workshops enable active socializing that better the culture of coworking.
  5. Fitness Classes– If you have a fitness center in your space, this might be useful. A Zumba class every now and then or perhaps an aerobic trainer who’ll prove useful to your members. This can also be included as a part of your membership plans, that would be an innovative way to attract members.
  6. Counseling Sessions– Working together might prove to be hard at times, to overcome the challenges of socializing and bringing together ideas and different people, you may call an Organisational Psychologist to come and lecture your members on successfully overcoming these challenges. These classes also promote motivation and teach your members methods of productivity and concentration.
  • You can grow revenue by selling tickets.
  • Your networking expands, easy marketing for your coworking space
  • You get to meet prospective members one-on-one, talk to them about their expectations they need so you can plan and upgrade your space accordingly.
  • Such events also act as fundraisers. If you pitch the vision and mission of your coworking space convincingly enough, you could find investors through events like these
  • Hosting events and workshops bring in a large number of people who are briefly let into your community. You could meet architects, business executives, interior designers, and more of such people who your space could benefit from.
  • You can find partnerships through such events.
  • Building A Quality Community
  • Benefits Of This Model
  1. You are guaranteed a ready-to-move-in community once your space is launched.
  2. You have spent quality time building a relationship with your community, this trust developed while curating your community will do wonders to your business.
  3. Due to extensive communication prior to launching your space, you know exactly what your prospective community requires/expects, you can curate your space accordingly.
  4. People are the most important aspect of coworking. Without community, there is no point of coworking- focusing on that first, strengthens the model of coworking and enriches its culture.

Community Manager

  1. Creating and managing an online community
  2. Communicating with prospective members extensively
  3. Attracting new customers into your space
  4. Organizing events and workshops to expand community and increase networking
  5. Finding ways to retain community
  6. Building trust with prospective and existing communities
  7. Coming up with new ways to grow the community.





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Balaji Ingole

Balaji Ingole

Inventor, Investor, Technology Entrepreneur, Avid Learner, Founder at,,,

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